Saturday, May 02, 2009

In progress notes

Regia Cotton Socks - I just these a few days ago. I think they're a regia yarn, but without a label, I'm just guessing based on the self-striping pattern. I suppose they could be Meilenweit or Fortissima too. I started with toe-up using the wide-toe cast on from Priscilla Gibson Robert's book Ethnic Socks and Stockings book. The foot will be (probably) be stockinette, haven't decided on the heel or leg pattern yet.

Regia Ski Socks
- ???? I know I knit on them on vacation. I know they were too small (they can only stretch so far...) I know they made it home from vacation. I know where the extra balls of yarns are. I don't know where the socks are.

Easy Peasy 2 Swap - Not started yet

Sort-of Thora Sweater (last update) Absolutely no progress since the last update. I tried it on and it's not right - a little short (but that's easy enough to fix) and a tighter than I wanted (not as easy to fix). Even sleeveless, the sweater (vest) was warmer than I expected it to be. Not really a bad thing since I want to wear it almost as a light jacket. But the V-neck isn't quite right. This cabled sweater is close in style to what the Sort-of Thora sweater is turning out to be.

So... to fix the width, I can add some panels to the side seams. Easy enough. But the V-neck still won't be right. I'd have to rip out both fronts and re-do the neck & front cabling again.

The V-neck isn't right because the sweater's tighter than I want. Before I rip back I'm going to undo the side seams and see if I can tell what the V-neck would look like if the sweater was the right size. Then I can rip-back if I have to.

Socks to Anklewarmers - no progress

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