Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Tuesday

1. I finally finished the Lang Jawoll Socks and I ended up making them crew length (midcalf?) I like the purl side of the stockinette better, the self-striping design is more interesting. I'll try to get pics up. Except for the ribbing, it's all plain stockinette. The ribbing I did in a k2p2 alternating with p2k2. I used the fibonacci series to decide when to switch - 13 rows, 8 rows, 5 rows, 3 rows, 8 rows and end. No, you can't really tell once the socks are on. But it did make the socks more interesting to finish and that's all that matters. Haven't decided on the next pair though. Something I like more than these though.

2. I added two UFO's to finish to the project sidebar. One's a pair of fingerless mitts that I want to lengthen. I spun up the yarn for this year's tour de fleece. I've already crocheted some length to one mitt, and just need to copy it to the another. And depending how much yarn is left, I'll lengthen them a little more.

3. The other UFO is a pair of wearing out Regia socks. They were one of the first pairs I knit and the gauge was a little loose and the foot wore out. On the other hand, they did last 5 or 6 years, so not all bad. I used them mainly as bed socks because they were too loose for regular wear. The ankle and cuff are fine. I cut off the foot on one, and I'm going to add some ribbing to the cut end to make ankle warmers to wear under dress pants to work. When it's not snowing, I wear regular shoes with nylons and those just are not warm. I figure ankle warmers will help. Can't hurt.

4. No progress on the Thora sweater, (last entry here) but I listed it on Craftster's Less Than 4 Month's to End of Year Craftalong so I have to finish it. I hope.

5. I'm also crocheting a Turtle hat (or two) for a Craftster Swap.

6. I haven't done any spinning since.... Tour de Fleece? I need to add a 2008 button to my sidebar. My husband is threatening to sell my wheel. (bad hubby. very bad.)

7. I have 1 oz each of a dark blue and a dark green Zephyr wool/silk blend. About 150 yards each. I have no idea what I'm going to do them. I got them in a sock kit, but I don't want to do socks with this yarn. I'm thinking of cable-plying together to give the yarn a little more body (the zephyr feels very floppy and insubstantial to me) and then knitting up a short scarf/neckwarmer type thing. Or maybe something else. This is just the latest idea.

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