Friday, June 26, 2009

More progress notes

Not sure what happened to May, but June just disappeared. A few days prepping for vacation. Almost 2 weeks on vacation. Three days for a family reunion-y weekend get-together. Four days of either me being sick or hubby in the hospital. I'd like to re-do this last week without being sick or seeing the inside of a hospital.

Anyway... project 'stuff'

The next-in-line stuff (first because it's more interesting)

The Nine Tailors Socks from Tsockarina. Definitely next up when the scarf's done (but only because I think the scarf will be done before the Regia socks and those are the only two that will be done in the few weeks.) I bought the kit at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool show this year. I read through the instructions and got stuck at the line that said something like "because of the toe pattern, these can't be knit toe-up" (not an exact quote because the pattern's in the other room and I'm too lazy to go get it). So of course, I spent a while thinking about how to knit them toe-up. Because I really don't like knitting tall socks top-down - and from the sample at NHS&W these are taller than what I usually knit.

So I wound the yarn while I considered this. I think that will be the worse of the pattern. I hand-wind skeins into balls all the time. I have to, I don't have a ball-winder. I untie the skeins, shake them a little to loosen them, lay them over my knees, or over the newel post of the staircase, and wind. 100gm is about 30 minutes or so. No big deal. Until I started. Took about 2 1/2 hours. The skein wasn't knotted or tangled or anything like that, but the strand went *under&over itself, reversed direction, then repeat from * for the whole 100gm. Weird. And slow.

And I made row counters. Once I figured how the bell ringing notation was written out (it took a few re-reads of the instructions) it'll be easier for me to knit from that instead of the chart or the written instruction.

Toe-up. Definitely being done toe-up.

The active stuff -

Regia Cotton Socks - I finished the foot of one sock in the hospital. I'm thinking they'll be all-stockinette with a picot hem. I like the self-striping pattern that's showing up.

Regia Ski Socks - They've been found. That's all.

Barbara Seamen's Scarf by Myrna Stahman in a wool/alpaca mix. Very soft. Amazingly bulky compared to the socks (size 0 vs size 9 needles) I've finished the ribbing section and I'm doing the tails at the same time. I've been using flex needles, but I may try regular 14" straights instead.

Done stuff

Easy Peasy 2 Swap - Crocheted Robot finished & sent & pic here (posted by receiver).

UFO stuff

Sort-of Thora Sweater (last update) Absolutely no progress, except to entertain thoughts of frogging it and saying to hell with it. Then I get a good night's sleep and decide maybe it's worth finishing.

Socks to Anklewarmers - no progress, but hanging around.

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