Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Long time, no talk! (or type or whatever)

Wow, I didn't realize how long it's been.

- My purple sweater - no real progress, I finished most of the body though, just have the front buttonbands to do. The buttonbands & body have different row gauges so I'm trying to work out the best looking way to attach them (preferably while I knit the bands, if not, I'll just sew them together)

- I have a couple of preemie hat patterns I want to post, but first I need to find my notes. And maybe re-knit them to get pictures, I've already donated the ones I just finished.

- I got a lovely shawl pin from Ruby Vegas designs

- I got a set of stitch markers, row counter, inc/dec counter from Hide And Sheep (I want more!)

- My spinning wheel is back. The problem was with the vendor, not the wheel, the Fricke wheel is great, the vendor, well, no comment.

- I've gotten interested in the swaps over at Craftster. It's a new thing for me to make things for people who really appreciate it.

- I'm almost done with the second Rainbow sock from the Oct (Nov?) magknits. It's borderline for a good on-the-go project. The size is right, but the constant (changing stitch count of the) short rows need more attention that I usually want for an on-the-go project. Maybe another 6 hours or so.

- I got the Jan/Feb issue of Piecework magazine with the Rovaniemi mittens technique article. I read it and I still don't see the "secret" why it's different than 'normal' colorwork. I need to try it out and see.

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