Monday, April 27, 2009

Robots 2.0

I knit up a few more robots for a Craftster swap recently - pic here - using this pattern. I made a few tiny changes- maybe not even big enough to be called 'changes' but since it's not the way the pattern was written, I'll go with changes.

For the hat (called Front & Back in the Body section of the pattern), I did one robot the way the pattern said (knit the body in the round, knit the front & back of the hat separately, knit icord twirly thingy, then stuff & sew) but I didn't like the seam on the side. So for the second one, I stuffed as I went and did the hat decreases the way I'd do a 'real' hat. Basically, I knit the body like the pattern said, when I got to the hat, I stuffed the body, then knit the hat as *Knit 6, k2tog* around, knit one round, *k5, k2tog* around, etc etc stuffing a little at a time. When I got to the last few stitches, I stuffed in some more and did the little icord twirly thingy.

For the leg & arm tubes, I followed the pattern but did it as double-knitting to knit the tube flat rather than in the round. I checked every few rounds to be sure I didn't make a mistake and knit the tube shut. I also had to switch to needles about 2 sizes smaller so the tension would be about the same on the legs & arms as on the body.

Tiny changes. That's all. But if/when I knit this robot again, I'm going to use some of the techniques from the Robot 2.0 dolls. Knitting the arm&legs as flat tubes and maybe the head too. Not sure if I'd do the body in the round though since the front & back have different patterns. I think I'd keep that flat, but sew&stuff first, then pick up for the arms, legs, and head for double-knit tubes.

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