Saturday, May 31, 2008

Project list

Just thinking out loud -

I finished spinning the clown face merino and I think (now, subject to change) that I w ill ply it. It'll blend the colors a bit more into a tweedy-no-dominant-color yarn. After that, I'm not sure. Probably a shawl. But that's a later decision.

I started the 2nd Lang Jawoll sock. I stopped the first one at anklet height because I didn't want to do anymore on it. The second sock is just started, I'm beyond the toe and just started the helix knitting. Don't like working on this one either and I still don't know why. I like the colors, the fit, the yarn, but I just don't like it.

I really want to get the Thora sweater (sweater 2 talked about here - very little progress since then) done before the fall. I don't think there's a whole lot left to do, but it's been stuffed in a tote bag since um, well, the last time I worked on it. Maybe I'll do it as a Summer Knitting Olympics project. (apologies to non-Ravelry members, I couldn't find a link outside of Ravelry. It's along the same idea as the Winter Knitting Olympics)

I have a bunch of small UFO projects - the kind of project that if I really work on them (instead of saying "oh yeah, I should finish that") would be done in about 4 hours. Ok, one, or 2, of them might take 10hours. But either way, small. I'd like to finish those up in June. For no reason other than I'm tired of saying "oh yeah, I should finish that"

I have 1oz each (about 300yds each) of 2 different colors of Zephyr lace weight (peacock and jade, I think) They look well together, with both strands held together to make a fingering weight. Not so good as two separate yarns in the same project. I'm thinking of some sort of small scarf or maybe a really lacy longer scarf/stole or ? I got the yarn a few years ago as a sock kit, but the yarn seems too 'soft' for socks.

Possible project schedule -
June -
finish small UFOs (step 1 - find them & make sure I have the instructions etc to actually do them)
finish second Lang Jawoll sock
decide on 12 tawashi patterns for a Craftster swap and start making them

finish the tawashi
work on the Thora sweater

finish the Thora sweater

and somewhere in there, ply the clown face merino, decide on a pattern for the Zephyr laceweight, and do other as-yet-undetermined things.

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