Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tale of 2 sweaters

Sweater 1 is the baby sweater I finished a couple of weeks ago. The shower was today, and while the baby sweater set (sweater, booties, mittens, and hat) wasn't the fanciest gift and certainly not the priciest, I think it was #1 based on the number of "OOOHHHH!!!!!"s it got when opened.

Sweater 2 is the semi-Thora, semi-gansey, semi-I-don't-know-what sweater that's been on the needles since forever.

Some (not-so) minor frogging occurred last week when I frogged both sleeves. They were too tight because I messed up the decreases (right decreases but calculated for the wrong length).

I went away for a long weekend, and I took the sweater as my vacation knitting (4 days away counts as a vacation, right?) figuring if that's the only thing to knit, I'll actually knit on the sweater and make some progress.

I had decided a while ago not to continue the cabling/moss stitch beyond the yoke area. I also realized that I didn't need a worsted weight sweater knit on size 6 (4mm) at 6spi. So using the idea from the 1930's 3-hour sweater I swatched a little (very little) and picked size 9 (5.5mm) needles to work the rest of body in plain stockinette at 4spi.

I finished both fronts, except for the butttonbands, and I'm about 3" away from finishing the back. All that's left is the buttonbands, the last 3" of the back, and the sleeves, and sewing up the side/underarm seams.

Definite progress.

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