Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March (what happened to February??)

I really didn't mean to go the whole month without saying anything. I am doing things. Mostly swaps at Craftster. And I just learned about tawashi - they're little (or not) Japanese scrubbies but they're made from acrylic, not cotton. And you know, they work better that way! I made this one

out of Red Heart Soft (the white's not so soft, but the multi-blue is) and it works better than my no-scratch scrub pad. I'm almost done with one of these I just need to crochet the head. I don't read Japanese, but the charts are ok, and there was a crochet-a-long for the doll over at Ravelry's Tawashi Town.

I've finished a few more preemie hats. And I finished the Magknits Rainbow Socks. I want to start another pair of socks in a SIMPLE pattern. The last two pairs I've made weren't the mindless sock patterns I usually like for on-the-go knitting, they needed more attention than that. I have a nice Lang(?) faux-fair-isle yarn in blues & purple that are probably the next pair. Plain stockinette, or maybe a simple rib.

And I bought 2 more skeins of Encore Caribbean (white, blue, purple mix) and I'm adding onto the 4-Generation Spin Off Shawl I finished a few months ago. It's just a little short.

hmmm, that's about it for now I guess

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