Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sock in progress

I'm about 2" past the heel on my Lang Jawoll sock, and I'm not sure I like it -

I like the colors, so that's not the problem. (The colors in the next picture are closer to real life) The stripes on the foot are narrow because I did 'helix knitting' where I did one row from each end of the yarn ball. You can see the difference on the foot and after the heel -

I did the heel with just one strand of yarn and I'm doing the leg with just one strand. It's too annoying to have 2 strands going at once.

I did the heel differently than I usually do. The gusset increases start at the center bottom of the heel (started when the foot length was about 2" shorter than the finished foot length) I kept increasing until the foot length was the right length then I did a 'normal' heel turn, then started the leg.

The heel looks like a little pocket but I think it's just the way I folded the sock so it would lay flat for the picture. It fits well.

The toe was just a figure-8 cast-on (36 stitches total, but that's a little wide, the second sock will just be 32) and then increased 4 st every other row until the toe was wide enough. It's neat, and easy, but I think I like Priscilla Gibson-Roberts "wide toe" better.

I'm not sure if I'm going to keep doing the leg in plain stockinette or not. Heartstrings Fiberarts has a nice cabled variegated sock here. Maybe I'll try doing a simple cable. Or maybe try a spiral 'rib' like Lucy Neatby's Mermaid Socks (it's the top right sock on the book cover). There's about 5" left to do on the leg and I still have a second one to do.

And I have no idea why I don't like how these are coming out.

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