Saturday, July 11, 2009

Project updates

I started working on the Nine Tailors Socks. I did a short-row toe and started the mini-cable panel on the foot. There's a little more than 4" done, it's not as complicated as it looks, although the leg has two mini-cable panels and two colorwork panels. I think I'm going to be ripping most of it out though - I didn't short-row enough so the end of the toe is a little too wide. And re-doing it will let me neaten up the start of the mini-cable, so that's good too. Haven't decided on the heel yet, but I have time before I get to the gusset. Or maybe not, if I don't rip out, I'm only 2" or so away from the gusset/heel. This is going faster than I expected.

Other projects -

Regia Cotton Socks - I turned the heel of the first sock and I'm leaving it as all-stockinette with a picot hem. Slow knitting - but only because I'm not working on them much.

Barbara Seamen's Scarf by Myrna Stahman in a wool/alpaca mix. Done. And mailed off for a Craftster swap. I did switch to 14" straights, it was easier to keep the 2 halves of the scarf together than it was with the cable of the flex needle. The other half slid down the cable and made the needle feel lopsided. Didn't happen with the straights. Just over 60" long and about 10" wide. I think I'll be making one for myself in a different pattern. The ribbed neck and wide tails was a nice combination.

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