Saturday, December 20, 2008

A mini sweater

I posted this over in Ravelry's Top Down Sweater Group thread not too long ago. It's a mini sweater (that is not intended to fit anything) of Barbara Walker's Simultaneous Set-In Sleeve from her Knitting From The Top book.

(um, I haven't actually knit this yet, though, but it should work because other people have knit it and say it works)

*NOTE - Barbara Walker's book has three methods for top down set-in sleeves. This mini uses for the Simultaneous Set-In Sleeve variation.*

Worsted weight yarn, and whatever needles you're comfortable using. Part of this is knit flat, and part is knit in the round. (in other words, circs or dpns will come in handy.) Or use any yarn you have handy. No gauge.

  1. Using a provisional cast on, cast on 15 stitches (this is 5 stitches for each shoulder and 5 for the neck). You will knit FLAT until step 5
  2. Do 2" of garter stitch on all 15 stitches (the garter stitch is just so there's no curling. if you really hate garter, do another stitch.) This is the back. Put the stitches on a holder, and cut the yarn.
  3. Undo the provisional cast-on and do 2" for each front (the 5 stitches at each end are the fronts, the center 5 is the neck, leave the center 5 stitches alone for now, they're not being knit yet.)
  4. put the left front on a stitch holder, and cut the yarn
  5. knit across the right front, put a marker (#1), pick up stitches along the 4" side, put a marker (#2) knit across the back stitches, put a marker (#3) pick up the same number stitches along the 4" side, put a marker (#4), knit across the front, cast on 5 stitches for the neckline and join the fronts. The rest is done in the round.
  6. knit one round
  7. Knit to marker #1, slip marker #1, increase, knit to marker #2, increase, then slip marker #2, knit to marker #3, slip marker #3, increase, knit to marker #4 increase then slip marker #4, knit to end
  8. repeat rounds 6 and 7, 4 times (these rows are the top of sleeve - you increased on the sleeve, not on the body)
  9. repeat 6 and 7, 4 times BUT INCREASE BEFORE AND AFTER each marker. (you're increasing on the sleeve and the body)
  10. Knit across and when you get to marker #1, cast on enough to (2 or 3 stitches for this mini one) join the underarm. Put the stitches between marker #1 and marker #2 on a holder. Knit the back (to marker #3), cast on enough to join the underarm, put the stitches between marker #3 and #4 on a holder. knit to end.
  11. Finish the body. Or the sleeves if you want to do those first.
  12. Finish both sleeves. Or the body if you did the sleeves first.

This will give you a mini-pullover with no neckline or shoulder shaping. On a real sweater, don't forget to do a neckline! And shoulder shaping, if you want.

I just saw on Natalie's KAL / CAL list that she discontinued the list (and I guess it will be taken down at some point) because of Ravelry. That's what it says on the page, I'm not guessing at a reason. Seems like the online version of big-box store comes in and the mom&pop store closes. Her list is easy to read - one page, listed by month, and also alphabetically. Ravelry's list is nearly 200 pages (with 20 or so groups per page). Not so easy.

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