Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Socks and a sweater

Not finished ones though. Yet.

Socks first. Nine Tailors Socks After a fairly lengthy discussion over at Ravelry, especially message 28, with TsockTsarina about doing these toe-up, I'm doing them cuff-down as written. Mostly. I'm doing them cuff-down starting just after the ribbing, (provisional cast-on) and then doing the ribbing upwards which will give some leeway to adjust for fit.

Most of the sock details I understand how to reverse them to toe-up, but the one thing that she pointed out was that as written, the cable starts at the ribbing and goes down. If you (I) work them toe-up, you don't know where to start the cable (at the toe) so that the cable ends at the ribbing at same beginning point.

On one hand, if the cable doesn't end at the same point, it doesn't matter, because both socks will match.

On the other hand, the cable is a bell-ringing 'song' (chant, verse, whatever) so it won't be starting at the beginning.


I've been thinking about the Sort Of Thora (last update) sweater that's been hanging around for, um, 3 or 4 years. Besides the fitting issues from the last time (which, I'm guessing haven't changed), a fewer bigger 'problems' have come up.

Warmth - I don't really need a worsted weight 100% wool heavy sweater. It'll be too hot to wear indoors, and probably not jacket-y enough to wear outdoors. I think the cable design will get obscured the first time the sweater's washed. I found a small swatch I had done a long time ago (no notes, so I don't know if there was any shrinkage) and the knit stitches were all fuzzy and blended together. Ok for a simple pattern, but not ok for a cable. It's a dressy cardigan that's been dressed-down. The dressed-down part is ok, but... I still have that picture of the dressy cardigan in my head. And the Sort-of Thora is ok, but sort of a let down. I think it's the yarn (a casual, soft, tweedy purple) more than the re-sizing and top-down vs bottom-up etc changes I've done. A different yarn, maybe a jewel tone with a little more body to it, would work better.

I think this is going to be ripped and re-knit (or crocheted?) into something casual. Maybe. Or maybe not.

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