Sunday, May 11, 2008

NH Sheep Show notes

I drove up to the NH Sheep & Wool Festival (aka NH sheep show) yesterday, it was a gorgeous day, warm & sunny. Some notes so I don't forget -
  • I tried 5 spinning wheels (babe, Victoria, schact, ladybug, and another one...) I like my Fricke better.
  • I saw a lot of shawls in use - I could've used one myself, it was just cool enough when I got there that a jacket was too much, but a long-sleeve T wasn't quite enough. I really need to get the Zephyr laceweight knit up.
  • I got a GOLDING SPINDLE!! I've seen them online for years, I've even seen in real life at one or 2 past sheep shows, but didn't see one I liked enough to buy. Until yesterday - a purpleheart whorl with hearts carved out in a lightweight spindle (about 1/2oz, perfect for cotton spinning). It was my first purchase yesterday.
  • I'm still looking for a white wool that's closer to white than the usual cream/ecru. I bought 1oz of cormo (maybe, I have it on the receipt) that looked more white than cream, but I've thought that before of other wool, and after it's spun and knitted, it's definitely cream. We'll see. That's probably my next spinning project.
  • Frozen apple cider with whipped cream is very good.
  • Alpacas and llamas are adorable
  • Walking into the first building full of wool, spindles, sweaters, hats, etc is overwhelming.
  • I bought 2 books - one on knitting lace triangle shawls and one on Kumihumo
  • I bought some purple/blue/grey fiber that I hope will work with my fingerless mitts. The mitts are handspun but just too short - they go from the knuckles to just before the hand/wrist join. I want to add a little length. I may knit or crochet the new part as unspun roving. Or maybe I'll spin up a thick-ish single and use that.
  • I saw a row-counter made with tube beads (bugle beads?) on a stretchy cord, set up like a ladder - you just push the beads up/down the ladder to count rows. I may try making one.

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Marcy said...

Sounds like you had a nice time.

I love Golding spindles. I have two now. Just got a new one in the mail Monday.