Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random Sunday

yeah, I know it's usually Random Wednesday, but I missed it on Wednesday :) (I got to find little smiley icons)

My PC crashed a week or so ago. We managed to get an old PC (running win 95) hooked up, but wow is this thing slow. And no USB connection, so no pics. And slow. Did I mention that? DH is going nuts with it too so I think a new PC is VERY close.

I'm making a bunch of tawashi (Japanese style scrubbies in acrylic yarn) for a craftster swap - and then I'm making some for me!

I found the beaded purse I'm knitting. I think that'll be the next on-the-go project once I finish the socks I just started. The socks are a Lang Jawall faux fair isle pattern. Nice colors, nice yarn. But it's going to a boring stockinette sock to knit - and I've only finished the toe, it's got a long way to go still. I need to find a simple, very simple, design that'll mix up the colors a bit. The Socks, socks, socks, book has a 'fake flame' sock pattern that I might try. And the Inerweave Knits Favorite Socks books has an interesting Japanese rib pattern that might look good, but I'm not sure yet if it's simple to knit or not. Or I'll go through some patterns I've printed out and see what I've got. An entrelac sock is possible, but entrelac is a bit fussier than I want. Feather & fan is simple, but I've already got one pair of F&F socks, I'm not sure I want do a 2nd pair.

I'm going to hang out on the couch today. I twisted my ankle last night, I don't think it's sprained (no swelling, I can walk on it but it hurts) but resting it and icing it isn't a bad idea. And I get make a few more tawashi too.

I do like the swaps on craftster, and I think the teens/early20's girls (I suppose there's guys too, just haven't noticed them) are lucky to have someone around - even if it's not 'real' life to share the crafty stuff. I would've loved to have someone crafty to talk to about projects etc then. Well, now too, but I've got craftster too (and a few 'real life' people too)

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