Sunday, November 25, 2007

Now that the baby stuff knitting is almost done - just one pair of booties (about 2hrs) and maybe one more mitten (for a "pair & a spare" if I have enough yarn left), I can think about other projects.

Already in progress -
A long, long, long, in progress sweater for me. It's probably 3 years in the making. I like the color (Cascade 220 Quatro color #9437 purple) and the design so far looks ok. The heathery color is working up to a more casual sweater than I'd originally planned, so I'm making changes on the go. The sleeves are done, but too tight, so they need to be frogged & reknit (I miscalculated the decrease rated so there's too many decreases.) I haven't decided if it's a good thing that both sleeves match. Luckily the sweater's being done top down and I haven't joined front & back yet, because I've gained some weight since I started the sweater and need to make it a bit wider around to fit (which may have something to do with the sleeves being tight too).

Magknits Rainbow Socks - one done, just need the second one. This is the first time I can remember that I didn't do the second sock right away. The only reason for that is the baby knitting took over. I think I'll have to cast on and have the toe half done (or better) today so I can work on them tomorrow at the dr's office. I expect a wait there.

Fabric Shopping Tote - It's just about 1/2 done, just needs one side seam sewn up I think. It's a good TV project since it requires about zero attention. It can't be a show I need to look at though since I can't sew by feel.

I know I have a few other in-progress things that are slipping my mind - I remember a beaded purse on size 000 needles (I need to actually FIND it...) and some spinning and probably a few other things.

Projects I'm considering starting...

A few sewn zipper pouches like this or this.
A petal pouch in shades of purple.
The shaped shawl from the KnitSimple Holiday 2007 issue.
A few of the hats in the same issue.
A scarf or two from the Knitting New Scarves book
A crocheted lace kippah.
Preemie size gowns, hats, blankets.
A scribble lace scarf/shawl using handspun navy laceweight and a hot pink/navy HipHop yarn (step 1- spin the navy laceweight).
Figure out what to do with Glace (?) ribbon yarn and Optik yarn in stash.

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