Saturday, January 27, 2007


This is the spinning I'm doing for the Twisted Knitters spin-a-long. The green ball - which is actually a light grey) is 2oz of Wensleydale already spun and waiting. The light ball next to it is maybe 1/2 oz of the pastel BFL that's been spun. The big pile of colored fluff? About 1 1/2oz of BFL that still needs to BE spun. The colors are brighter in the picture than real-life. The spindle is a Bosworth mini.

And here's a close-up of a sample I've spun up of the 2 yarns plied together. WPI is just over 30 for the 2ply, each ply alone is somewhere around 40WPI. Once I've got the yarn spun up and plied, I'm going to knit a shawl - or some semblance of one. I have a few patterns in mind, but nothing definite yet. Something orenburg-like I think.

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Shelley said...

Great job on the spinning!