Monday, January 22, 2007

Random yarns

I finished one of hubby's snowflakes socks this weekend. The fit around the ankle could be improved a bit I think, but he's ok with it, so I'm not going to play around with it on the second sock. The only problem I may have with sock #2 is that I can't find my notes on how I did the heel/gusset! Oh well, at least I have sock #1 to copy from!

I looked at where I was on the Swedish Thora sweater - I really do want to finish it better winter's over, even though it hasn't really started yet. I'd planned to do it seamless, and I could, but I'm not sure I want to. I'm working it top down so it started on straights until the armhole shaping is done and then join & go to circs. It's done to just a few rows before the joining. I'm going to do the sleeves first before the rest of the body.

I've done the back yoke on circs, and the front yoke on 14" straights. It's easier on straights. The straights are Lion Brand plastic (not bad actually) and the circs - I've tried metal (Susan Bates and Inox) and bamboo (Clover) - well, none of them feel as nice as the plastic needles do with the yarn. I don't think the Lion Brand needles come as circs or I'd get them. Hmm, I should double check on their website.

Yeah, if I do it on straights, I'll have to sew seams. Big deal. Two seams. The project won't be as portable. Eh. I don't consider a sweater to be all the portable anyway. If it don't fit in my purse, it ain't portable.

Yeah, if I do it on circs, no seams. Not a deal breaker. I don't like the circs I have for this project - I feel like I'm fighting the cable. Maybe that's why I've been ignoring it for months.

Hmmm, sounds like straights & seams are winning.

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