Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Socks, socks, socks,

Well, actually it's just 'Socks, Socks' but whatever...

The snowflake socks are coming along nicely for dh - One is done (did I say that before?) and the other is done to the heel. I would've finished it last week but dh and I had a fight and the sock sat in the corner as punishment. DH apologized (I'm not entirely sure the fight was his fault, but he has to apologize anyway :) and I think the sock has been punished enough. Hopefully another week and it'll be done - probably not even that much knitting-time, but I don't expect to have a lot of time to knit in the next few days.

The Hawaii socks. Well. I finished the heel on one (in the right length, finally. Now I just have to rip out the heel on the other one and make that one the right length too.) I started the Razor Shell pattern. Did about 2" and ripped it out because it was too tight. Added a few stitches and knit another 1" or so and tried it on again. The fit was ok, but, I like the plain stripes the yarn has - 1 row each of blue, green, blue,white(ecru?) purple, white. So ripped out AGAIN the razor shell and I'm sticking with plain stockinette. I think I'll do a picot hem instead of ribbing. And hopefully, once will be enough. I feel like I've knit & ripped enough of these socks to have made 2 pairs! I will try the razor shell pattern with different yarn, maybe a Regia or Opal yarn where the stripes are 3 or 4 rows wide.

OTOH, this is exactly why I don't do 2 socks at once. It's bad enough to knit & rip one sock, but 2? (ignoring the fact that I do need to rip the other sock too because of bad measuring which probably would've been avoided if I had done both at once. Although, with my luck, I'd probably end up having both socks too short if I did both at once.)

And I finished 3 more preemie hats.

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