Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Big E

No, not the Big Easy down south. The Big E in Springfield MA. I went last weekend. A lot of crafty vendor type stores, a petting zoo, and a midway with throw-the-dart-and-win-a-prize games. But way in the back corner, was the Mallory building - with llamas and sheep and a fiber nook (closed! oh well, a reason to go back next year!) Man, those llamas are so cute. And soft - I really need to dig out the llama and alpaca fiber I have and start spinning. There were samples of hats and sweaters and shawls and other things knit from llama yarn (I think some of the hats were crocheted, but I couldn't get close enough to be sure). Nice & silky & soft.

Looks like I ned to find another word for 'and' - I might've used up my quota for the day. :)

Got some ideas of what to with the yarn once I spin it up. Most of the fiber I have is a natural tan/brown color and it's not a color I wear often so I'm at a bit of a loss of what to make with brown yarn that won't end up looking like a 1970's throwback.

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