Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hi again!

Oh boy, a working computer! For the moment anyway (I shouldn't say that...)

I've gotten into a bead frenzy. First, I do the beaded tallit - 2500, roughly, seed beads done in a drawn thread pattern. Now I have 2 crochet bead rope bracelet (500 or so beads) ready to go. One is a re-do actually, I finished a while ago but it wasn't right - the tension was awful and the join was pitiful. So I undid the join and very, very, VERY carefully, transferred the beads to another thread so I can re-crochet the bracelet. And, I've bought and threaded beads for a knitted mini-purse. That was one hank, maybe 1000 beads? A lot anyway. So, that's sewing, knitting, and crocheting beads. And these are the small size 10 and 11 beads - the itsy bitsy ones. Let's see, that leaves weaving and tatting with beads to consider. I've spun beaded yarn a while ago, didn't excite me. I wonder how long I'll be vacuuming beads out of the den's rug.

I finished the k2p2 spiral rib hat. You'd think a k2p2 hat would be a mindless little thing - only 43 stitches around. You'd think. Not when the rib slides over every row. It was SO easy to end up doing a real k2p2 rib and not realize it for 2 or 3 rows and have to rip out because switching to the 'real' rib looked so wrong. I finally wised up and checked after every row if the spiral still looked right. Didn't catch every mistake right away even doing that, but it helped. It came out cute though. Now I'm doing another hat with a mint green and white yarns. I started a 3-1 pattern (3 white, 1 mint for one row, then 3mint 1white for one row) but there isn't enough contrast for the design to show up. So those rows are being ripped out tonight. I'll be looking through my Barbara Walker Treasuries to find another design. Or I'll do the easy thing and knit a simple one row stripe of each color.

No progress on the Thora sweater or dh's socks or a bunch of other wanna-do's. Maybe next week.

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