Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yarns in progress

I don't have too much in progress now. A fabric shawl with drawn thread embroidery borders and the Swedish Thora sweater from XRX's Best of Arans & Celtics. I'm modifying the sweater a little - I don't like the drop shoulder it has. My version will have a 'peasant shoulder' from Barbara Walker's book Knitting From The Top Down. I'm not even sure how far I've gotten on the Thora, it's been months since I've worked on it.

A few 'on-the-go' projects are needed. My standards for that are socks, preemie hats, or beaded crochet ropes. Hubby's been asking for bed socks - in blue with snowflakes. I'm planning to use Cotton Fleece in worsted weight since he'll only wear these in the cold weather. And I liked how the Cotton Fine (same cotton/wool mix but in fingering weight) worked up in a pair of short socks I made for myself earlier this summer.

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