Saturday, September 09, 2006

Book review

I like reading. I like knitting. I like reading about knitting. Sort of goes together, doesn't it? I just finished going through Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughn. It's a pattern book, not a how-to book. The designs are unusual.

She uses asymetrical hems in quite a few of the tops and a few of the skirts. I don't like the look, but depending on the pattern, it can be evened out - I think. The hex tank, could get a straight hem by adding a few 1/2 hexes, in theory anyway, I haven't knit it yet. The nautilus poncho on the other hand, is asymetrical by design, if you want to even it off, you'll end up with a different poncho.

Some of the pictures are artsy - they look good, but it's hard to tell how the sweater, or whatever, fits. It may be nothing more than wanting to get a fashion shot, or it may be a way to hide something wrong with the item. I'm thinking of the Diamond Tunic- both pictures show the model hiding one arm, one pic looks like a loose-fitting sweater, the other picture is much more form-fitting. The real-look? I don't know.

Did I buy it? Yes - I plan to use the cable design in Asymmetrical Cardigan in a shawl, the hex coat (although cardigan length), possibly the Honeycomb Henley, the swirled pentagon pullover (as a crew neck though), the cabled Spiral pullover (without the turtleneck), the phyllo yoked pullover (with a narrower neckline), the target wave mittens, and figure out how to do the phyllotaxis scarf pattern in a sock.

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