Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday morning musings

well, it was morning when I started...

No new pictures for the spinning, looks just like the last picture (although with more done). I've started, many times, the Babies&Bear sweater, I messed up the sleeve increases and ripped back, the gauge was off so I ripped back, I messed up the sleeve increases AGAIN and ripped back. This really isn't a hard sweater, I don't know why this time it's just not working out.

Now I'm working on at using 2 strands of the yarn. I was getting the right gauge but it just seemed so flimsy. The 2 strands is working out better, slightly different gauge, according to the booklet, it's enough of a difference to put the finished sweater on the border between 0-6months and 6-12 months size. Which isn't a bad thing - it's a winter baby, so having a slightly too-big sweater to wear over layers would still work. (I hope.) The stockinette fabric isn't quite as stretchy as I'd like, but it's still got some stretch, and the main part of the body is in garter which is stretchier than stockinette anyway. We'll see. The worst is that I rip it out again.

There's been a few different discussions on Ravelry recently about knitting in public. Now I really don't care where someone else does/doesn't knit. I may be surprised at some of the places where people knit. I was surprised at some of the places where people said they knit.

I don't mind knitting in public. By "knitting in public" I mean things like walking around the mall, waiting for dh someplace, or sitting in a coffee shop with a cup of coffee & knitting (Ok, that one might make me nervous if I spill the coffee, but that's it), that kind of thing. I knit while waiting (restaurant, dr's office, etc) with dh, but sometimes, it bothers him so I put it away.

Movies, concerts, sports events, etc - probably not. I don't like taking large bags to those places (too crowded) so I probably wouldn't have a project with me. And even though I can knit and watch TV, I can't do it in the movies. And honestly, tickets for these things are high enough that if I'm paying that much to go, that's ALL I'm going to do :)

Knitting in church is something else. I'm not Christian, so unless I was there specifically for a 'sit&knit' night, I'm not knitting because I'm probably there for some kind of religious service. Knitting in my synagogue, definitely not during services. Maybe during the week (Sun-Thursday) waiting for services to start. During a meeting? Depends. I used to knit during some of the meetings, if I wasn't doing the minutes. But no matter how mindless the knitting, I'd zone out a little while the conversation going on. Sometimes that was ok, sometimes not. And even though the only comments I got where either questions about what I making or amazement that I could knit without looking, I didn't like the attention so much so I've cut back on the knitting in meetings there. Besides, I think sometimes other people were watching me knit and it distracting them from the meeting too.

Knitting at work? Only at lunch in the cafeteria or the employee lounge. Outside if the weather's nice enough. Not at my desk. Not at a meeting at work. Just at lunch away from my desk.

At a friend's or relative's house? At my parents, sure, they usually like to see what I'm working on and my mother knits a little. Anybody else's house, probably not.

(If you read this and are thinking "I don't agree, I'd knit in places she doesn't" (or vice versa) that's ok. If you read this and are thinking "how dare she say where I can & can't knit" no, that's not what I wrote. I just wrote where I'd knit or not.)

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