Saturday, July 05, 2008

My Tour de Fleece's bumpy start

So I find the too-short fingerless mitts. I found the 2oz I bought because I thought it would coordinate. I put them next to each other. Um. No. The fiber is much bluer that the mitts (note to self - when buying fiber/yarn/fabric/whatever to coordinate with something, have that something handy when buying.)

(Pictures added July 12)

Two possibilities came to mind - (1) spin up the 2oz anyway for the Tour and figure out later what to do with it or (2) go stash diving and see if there's anything promising to use with the mitts.

I'm sure I can come up with more if I thought about it, but 2 seemed enough for now. I went stashdiving and found a good possibility. But I'd already started spinning it lace weight,

which won't work with the mitts (I need something close to sport-weight). Since I've no clue what I thought I'd do with this laceweight yarn, and it looks like it's just 40-50yds done, I'm going to use it.

I thought of using the Fricke, but so far I keep ending up with lace-weight-ish yarn on the wheel - and that's on the largest whorl, not sure what I'd end up with if I try the smallest. Not a bad thing at all, I like what I'm getting, but not something I want to figure out how to change in the next couple of weeks.

I'm going to experiment today to see which spindle to use. I'm thinking my 2oz low whorl from Grafton Fibers. Or maybe one of the other spindles 1.5oz or so. Or maybe I'll just spin random singles on different spindles then ply them all together. Or just a single ply if it's the right thickness. I like the way 'energized singles' look when it's knit in the round.

(Pictures added July 12)

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Thank you for your suggestion for Massachusetts! I'm adding it now :)