Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some spinning

If you're my swap partner received handspun yarn in the next week from me, stop reading please. If you're not, then please keep reading.

I started with this -

from Indigo Moon Farm that I got at a sheep show a while ago. It's 3 colors from a 5-color batt. I pulled off some of each color and divided into thirds. One third of each color is the rolag in the picture (it's purple, light blue, lilac, since the picture doesn't look quite color-true to me)

Then I spun another third into stripes as a 3ply navajo ply aka chained single -

And the last third was spun into a heathery solid 4ply cabled yarn -

They're both small skeins - about 10yds each, about 7 wpi.

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