Sunday, October 28, 2007


It's been a week since Rhinebeck? Wow. Doesn't seem that long ago.

What I saw/bought/did -
Tried a S160 Fricke folding single treadle spinning wheel (purchase pending)
Bought Amethyst Socks That Rock yarn from The Fold
Bought rose hand-dyed wool/bamboo/nylon sock yarn from Maple Creek Farm (funny, it looked darker in the booth. Instead of socks, I may make a scarf, this is wonderfully soft yarn)
Bought purple & black roving from Kid Hollow farm
Bought a russian spindle from Skaska and saw the laceweight yarn used for Orenberg shawls, and a few real Orenburg shawls. I didn't realize Skaska was going to be Rhinebeck, I would've brought a sample of my handspun lace yarn to see how it compared. I could tell that their laceweight was better spun than mine (no surprise there) but I was curious how much thinner it was. And their cotton laceweight was luscious. I want to spin cotton like that.
Bought the Shadow Shawl (Maureen Mason-Jamieson) pattern from Shelridge Farm
Bought a kumihumo disk from Carolina Homespun
Bought a 'love me, love my stash' tote bag, and met Tsarina at the VanCalcar Acres booth
Saw some gorgeous hand-inked drawings
Had chocolate creme brulee
saw fried pickles (??? didn't try them, I don't like regular pickles, I was pretty sure fried wouldn't convert me to a pickle-lover)
saw a guy standing on 2 horses walking through the show (See the picture on Claudia's blog)
Saw Golding and Hatchtown spindles IRL for the first time. Saw the Lily Spindles from Gilbert Gonsalves - one was carved thin enough to let light through.
A few alpacas (or llamas, I'm not sure) being taken for a walk
Wonderful knitted, crocheted, woven, felted items (not all in the same piece)
A kangaroo, a crocodile, 2 turtles and little goats (not in the same pen!)

What I didn't see -
sheep (except for the few in the petting zoo) I know. I go to a sheep show and don't see any sheep.
sheep dog demo
frisbee dog demo
haunted house
fleece show
antique museum
gem show

DH on the other hand, saw what I didn't (except for the fleece show), so between the two of us, we got the whole place pretty much covered!

And the best part? When Dh said - "you know, next year we should come up for a week and come to the show both days"

I forgot one thing - DH bought me a llama!

The one on the left came home with us.
(pic - and llama - from Douglas Cuddle

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