Monday, October 08, 2007

Another baby hat

I like the garter short row hat and I've made it a few times with and without the cable. I cast-on yesterday, or the day before, to make one of these, cable-less. First I cast-on too many stitches. Then I thought that making each short-row 'wedge' in a different stitch pattern would look good. Nope. Ripped that. Then I thought that a seed-stitch would work. It did.

Simple enough - I cast on 32 (I wasn't counting when I cast-on and didn't bother ripping out the extra) using Sirdar Snuggly DK and size 3? (3.25mm) 9" straights. I used a provisional cast-on. I kept the first 10 stitches in garter stitch and did the rest in p1k1 seed stitch. Instead of doing short rows every stitch starting 6 stitches from the end, I do short-rows every 2 stitches starting 8 stitches from the end. (so 5 short-rows per wedge instead of 7) When I did 6 sections, I undid the provisional cast-on and grafted the cast-on and the last row together. "Instant" preemie hat. It was maybe 3 hours start to finish.

Grafting the garter stitches was easy enough. I've never grafted seed before. It wasn't hard, exactly, but needed more attention than the garter. Every 3 or 4 stitches, I realized I did a knit graft instead of a purl or vice versa and had to un-graft a few stitches and re-do. After a few times, I finally got it straight (although I couldn't explain it) and got it done. The tension isn't totally even for the entire seam, but not too bad and with a few good stretches and pulls here & there, it worked out.

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