Saturday, September 01, 2007

Doing Anything Except Doing Something

In other words, procrastinating.

There's so much that needs to be done - laundry, bat mitzvah practice (just how did hubby talk me into this...) knit my sweater, housecleaning,a figure out why the internet connection on the pc sometimes gets lost, and other misc tasks of life.

What would I *like* to do? figure out to get some files from the pc to my pda, work on my sweater, knit or crochet a few preemie hats, download some books to my pda (I definitely prefer real books to reading on the pda, but it's sure a lot easier to carry around), go for a walk, start on the entrelac socks I rambled about yesterday,

It's a 3day weekend, if I do what I need to do today, can I do what I like for the rest? Sounds like a plan, or at least, a guideline of the weekend.

And I'll start the 'need to do's right now!

After lunch.

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