Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Two books. one baby hat

In Arctic Lace there's a pattern for wrist warmers - actually, if you scroll down a bit on the link above, you'll see a picture of them. Bottom left of the sample projects pictures. I was looking for a new pattern for a preemie hat, and the wrist warmers looked about the right size. Soo...with just a few adjustments to the wrist warmer pattern, I have a baby hat (which doesn't photograph well at all), but anyway --

Size 3(US) dpns, baby weight yarn (I think's Baby Jamie, but whatever), cast on 60 stitches, join and do 2 garter ridges (3 would've been better, but I didn't realize that until later)
K one row
follow the Fishtrap Wristwarmer pattern chart until it's tall enough (about 4-5")

Decreases (different than the fishtrap hat pattern) -
There's 12 spiral yarnover columns, I kept the odd columns (first, third, fifth, ec) and stopped the even ones (second, fourth, sixth, etc).
Starting at the beginning of the round, staying in pattern, *do the first yarnover column doing a decrease instead of a twisted knit stitch, k until the 3rd column, do the 3rd columnusing a decrease instead of a twisted knit stitch, k until the 5th column, etc.
*Knit one round
On the next round, continue the yarnover columns that are left and knit in pattern, following the chart but do a decrease instead of a twist knit stitch. repeat from * until there's 12 stitches left, K all stitches doing 4 decreases evenly spaced around. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail, thread yarn tail through the last 8 stitches and pull tight. Sew in ends.

My hat ended up being 12" around at the base and about 4" high before the decreases.

I also just finished reading DomiKNITrix by Jennifer Stafford I didn't particularly like the sexual innuendoes - I don't have that intimiate a relationship with my projects. But skipping that, (which I did by mainly skimming over the chapter introductions) there's some good info about learning to knit, kitchener, gauge, etc etc. The patterns aren't to my taste, but patterns are subjective anyway. On the other hand, I did like the mesh cap/snood - a little shorter and some beads, and it could be a nice lady's kippah/yarmulkah.

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