Monday, April 09, 2007

WIP Inventory

Let's see -

There's my toe-up version of Gated Vines Socks - one sock finished last night, sock #2 has the toe finished. I'm finally knitting on them even without being in the dr's office/waiting room.

There's the Thora sweater - top down, finished to just below the armholes. One sleeve almost done, there's about 30-40 rows left. It got put aside when dh got sick weeks ago. Now it's starting to get too warm to be wearable once it's done. OTOH, if I work on NOW, it'll be done by the time next fall rolls around. What a concept - work on a sweater in the warm weather so it'll be wearable in the cool weather.

There's the BFL and Wensleydale I'm spinning for the Twisted Knitters Spin Knit KAL . I've got about 1/4oz, or maybe a little less, left to spin, that'll take easily 3 hours, then it's got to plied, and knit into a shawl. Or something. I have a pattern in mind, but until I have yarn ready to swatch up and test-knit, the patterns' still tentative. Obviously, I didn't make the 3/31 goal to have a finished project. Oh well.

I knit a Ribbon Slipped Stitch preemie hat that I want to post the pattern for, as soon as I remember to write out the pattern - which I can't do this minute because I don't remember slipped stitch pattern. oy.

There's more UFO's hanging around, but these are the ones that come to mind most often.


Elle Kasey said...

Is that all? At least you know vaguely what yours are. I've got "green rectangular blob" "brown Cascade stripe blob".

Lillian said...

No, there's more! There's another spinning project, at least 2 other knitting projects, I think there's a crochet project, and I've lost track of how many cross-stitch projects (it's been years since I looked though), and there might be a tatting project in progress someplace around. And too many planned-for projects to even begin to count.