Saturday, December 02, 2006

No Pattern Knits - the book

I just found No-Pattern Knits by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer of Woolly thoughtsVery fun book! There's detailed how-to-knit instructions (with step by step pics). The idea is to knit squares - and triangles, octagons, rectangles, and other shapes - into cool things. There's hats, pillow covers, sweaters, a play-ball, scarves, get the idea? With color pictures they show how to arrange simple to knit squares into very complex looking designs. The Tilting at Windmills design (3rd row down here ) is just 2-color squares arranged carefully to look way more complicated than 16 squares. (The pattern specifically for the Tilting at Windmills isn't in the book, it's one of the possibilities sketched out for 2-color squares).

If you like pieced quilt designs based on squares or other geometric shapes, there's probably enough detail in the book to convert it to knit. I admit I haven't made anything from this book (but then, I just got it today, I don't knit THAT fast!) but the 'tumbling blocks' design is very tempting. I love the tumbling blocks quilted design, but I don't quilt. Much. Or well. But a knitted, or crocheted, tumbling block afghan is a possibility.

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