Friday, November 24, 2006

Reinventing the Wheel

I didn't mean to. It's not really a good way to spend time, you know? But, well, it happens. I went away a few weeks ago and figured I'd take some Hawaii Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn with me - that and size 1 (2mm I think) dpns, and a few likely stitch patterns scribbled on note cards. The stitch patterns were from Barbara Walkers Treasuries - 1 and 2.

So I do my standard sock foot - toe up (this one has a short-row toe, I've been experimenting with it lately), knit for a few inches, do a k2p1 rib on the sole and keep the instep in stockinette for a few more inches, then do a heel (one of Priscilla Gibson Roberts heels from her Ethnic Socks and Stockings book), then one inch or so of plain knit, and FINALLY, get to a leg pattern using the stitch patterns I brought me with.

After playing around with the different patterns (in other words, knit one or 2 inches, frog, pick another pattern, knit one or 2 inches, frog,pick another pattern, repeat) I settled on a nice zig-zaggy pattern with just a tiny bit of lace (if a column of yarn-over holes count as lace).

It looks great. Feels nice (except for making the foot just a tiny bit too short and haven't frogged that part yet, but that's just me being impatient to get the foot done.) Then I find that after all this, I've reinvented these razor shell socks! A few differences in the foot part, but basically the same sock. Too bad I didn't see these BEFORE I went away. I might've actually finished a sock instead of spending time knitting & ripping.

But then, it is Lorna's Laces yarn. It's just more time spent with a wonderful yarn!

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Ilene said...

Hey, I found your blog! Very cool. I'd love to see a picture of the tallit and kipah sometime. We really should get together. Are you around on Wed. evenings? We are still meeting at the Walpole mall regularly to knit. Come join us!