Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm back!

And hopefully I'll have a working computer - that does help things along, doesn't it? I finished 2 more Red Scarves, and hopefully I'll get pictures up some time soon. Last night I was looking around my knit/crochet/general craft area (aka the recliner in the corner of the den) and felt like I had a million and one projects started with no clue what's what, where, or what needs what, agggh. I hate that feeling. So, I did a quick inventory. The million and one projects came down to a very manageable 6 -

1- The Swedish Thora for me - I'm planning to spend some time on it today. Maybe I'll get down to the armholes. Maybe.

2- A pair of socks for me in the Lorna Laces Hawaii color. Started while I was in Hawaii last month. Seemed like an appropriate choice for travel knitting, even though it was wool. Just because so it's 80 degrees outside, the hotel was air-conditioned and as much as I tried to deny it, I was coming back to cold weather.

3- A bead crochet bracelet - Finished one last month and have this 2nd one just started. Also travel 'busy' work.

4- Mittens for the Warm Hands knit-along. I got one about 1/2 done and frogged it. The Noro Silk was nice but the needles were too small and I wasn't happy with one of the colors. I'll be re-knitting with a slightly larger needle and using the odd-color of the Noro Silk as a contrast color rather than a background color.

5- Snowflakes socks for dh - absolutely nothing started on these except decided on the pattern and I have the yarn sitting there STARING me in the face.

6- Spinning a pastel BFL for the Twisted Knitters KAL.

Manageable. Definitely easier than 1,000,001 projects! Maybe I'll try a one project per day rotatation (if it's Monday, it must be Sweden, ok, the Swedish Thora).

Have a great day!

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