Monday, November 13, 2006

Another project in mind

Well, see, not too long ago we visited relatives who like to look like they've got $$$$ more than us. Who knows, maybe they do. She was saying she saw a WONDERFUL cashmere shawl in the store but didn't buy it because "who has $400 for a shawl." Sooo, I got to thinking, cashmere ready-to-spin is about $15-20/ounce, a shawl would need what 3-4oz? Not a huge cost - especially since I'm pretty sure I have some cashmere fiber in stash already so I wouldn't need to buy all $80 worth at once. I could spin and knit up a real cashmere shawl and let them think I spent $400. Would that be too petty for words?

Her SIL machine-knit a look-alike shawl. It was a plain stockinette rectangle 18"x70" with about 5" of ribbing on the short ends. (at least, I think she machine-knit it, if not, she sure got a lot of practice handknitting that much stockinette.) That's it. If that was the pattern on the store-shawl, that's, wow, $400 for a stockinette rectangle? wow. On the other hand, the shawl did have a cool feature - ARMHOLES! You slide it on like a vest and throw the ends over your shoulders. A wrap that won't fall off. I like that.

And my shawl would be a lot fancier than plain stockinette. I'd consider doing the armholes though.

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