Saturday, September 16, 2006

Joining yarns

No, not that kind, although I like the russian join
when I can. Some yarns don't work well with it depending on the way it's twisted. At least for me.

I mean joining yarns as in knit-alongs or crochet-alongs or any other do-along. I just signed up for the 25 Things For Charity and Sandy's Warm Hands make a mitten, glove, wrist-warmer, or other warm wear worn on the hands.

I have a few skeins of Noro Silk Garden (purples, tans, and ?) stashed away. When I got them I thought of house or bed socks but I've seen so-so reviews on how well the Silk Garden holds up as socks. Now I'm thinking of mittens - maybe the Norah Gaughn's Wave mitten with the silk garden color variation creating the stripes. Or Silk Garden wrist/arm warmers to wear under a loose coat sleeve. Or maybe a short scarf/cowl thing. Hmmmm, I only have 2 skeins of yarn and more than 2 skeins worth of ideas...

About 1/2 of what I knit (and almost of the crochet for that matter) is donated someplace. So why not join a KAL about charity knitting? Preemie hats are a standard for me, those go to a local hospital. A friend works at another local hospital and she gets kid-size things (hats or sweaters). Or I do something for the foster kids afghan project. And other things that I learn about during the day.

The preemie hat I'm knitting now is a 'sliding' k2p2 pattern, each row moves over one stitch so rib looks like it's sliding to the right. I'll probably post it some time, I like keeping track of patterns that are easy to do and look good. Doesn't everybody?

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