Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 ideas

I don't have a lot planned for 2011, but I'm sure I'll manage to find things to do even without plans..

Anika Shrug from Cascade220. I really don't need a worsted weight sweater unless I'm skiing, and I don't see that happening this winter. I can use a warm shrug/shawl thing though. (the Ravelry pic is better)

Finish a pair of socks for my mom's birthday. It's a pink bamboo/silk/wool blend yarn. I got them at a sheep show and it's a lighter color than I thought (bad lighting). Too pink for me but my mom likes it. It's a simple seaweed rib pattern, a little more than anklet high.

Finish the NineTailors socks. I've changed my mind again and I'm doing them toe-up, I just didn't like working on them top-down. This discussion at Craftster helped.

Craftster swaps...whatever looks interesting. I've already signed up for Jan/Feb swap with art dolls (3-6" so nothing major size-wise).

Some kind of pooling shawl. I have a few different yarns that will work.

Something for the sit&knit at the LYS. It has to be using yarn bought there. I only have 3-4 yarns I bought there, so choices are a little limited, but I bought yarn specifically for a BSJ so I'll probably do that first and after that...well, I guess it depends how much I enjoy the sit&knit times.

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