Saturday, December 22, 2007

Random Saturday

1 I made a preemie hat using the honeycomb pattern from the baby sweater I finished a few weeks ago. The variegated yarn I'm using looked horrible in plain garter, stockinette, rib, reverse stockinettee. It looks WONDERFUL in this honeycomb pattern.

2 I finish the star baby blanket a few weeks ago and baby was born a few days ago. She's a few weeks early, but all is well and baby & mom are doing well. Now I just need to get the star baby blanket to them.

3 I've been doing swaps over at Craftster. They've been a lot of fun. The funny thing is when I'm invited to a shower that has a note that so&so is registered at a store, I don't like that. OTOH, the swaps I've been doing, people post what they want and you pick who want to give to based on the list they posted. A lot like a store registry when you're invited to a baby or wedding shower.

The party invite with a registry list I don't like because they're telling you what they want.

The swaps with a 'want' list I like BECAUSE they're telling you what they want.

So I'm not consistent.

4 I found a book at the library about Dutch fisherman's sweaters. They're all drop shoulders and the pics are late 1800's or early 1900's (I think, I don't have the book handy). The sweaters are tightly fitted and the men are almost all rail-thin. I don't remember seeing any pics of women wearing the sweaters. And you know, the drop shoulders sweaters look really good, like they're set-in sleeves with the seam being a few inches beyond the shoulder. I think that's the trick to good looking drop shoulder sweaters - making them really tight.

5 I don't usually spin merino, I've tried a few times but didn't like it. 'Sticky' I guess I'd describe it, just didn't draft well and I felt like I was fighting the fiber the whole time. I received about 8oz of merino in a swap recently, it's from Ewe Give Me The Knits in Australia. Oh. My. Gosh. This merino is WONDERFUL. I spun a 3 ply lace/fingering weight (75yds/30gm) on a Bosworth mini spindle. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Drafted beautifully, practically spun itself. I think I love merino. Or at least Ewe Give Me The Knits' merino.

6 I need to add pics & links to this post

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