Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baby stuff

Both my sister-in-law and dh's cousin's daughter are due in January. I'm thinking of crocheting baby blankets (for me, it's faster than knitting them) I want to make blankets that are different. I'm thinking of a round ripple afghan like this or another one I saw that, of course now I can't find, but was just 5 points and used yellow yarn to make a center star with variegated colors for the rest. Or maybe a blanket I made before that has a teddy bear body in one corner of the blanket - sort of like a stuffed animal & blanket in one.

That I need to decide soon so I can be finished in time. I know my sister-in-law doesn't know if it's a boy or girl, so that's green/yellow probably. I'll be seeing dh's cousin this week and I'll ask if she knows the baby's gender or not. If not, that's a lot of green & yellow I think.

Or maybe a bright yellow star on a bright blue background. That sounds nice, and don't babies see contrasts better than pastels anyway?

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