Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weekend Stuff

This past weekend my to-do list was a mile long with things like grocery shopping, paying bills, misc. errands, nagging - um, encouraging - dh to finish the taxes, cleaning house, laundry, you know, all those kind of 'grown up' things.

So, what do I do? Do I take care of all these annoying, but necessary, to-do's that keep life on an even keel? Do I plan the most effecient driving route for the errands and plan which on-sale grocery items to pick up in bulk?

I do what any self-respecting crafter and reader would do when faced with a mile-long to-do list.

I started a project, swatched for another, and read books.

1: I got out the last bit of yarn from the 3 Red Scarf Project 2007 scarves I made a few months ago and crocheted a scarf. It finished at 5"x72" in 3 colors (red, beige, and brown/green/beige variegated). Super simple "pattern" - size M crochet hook, heavy worsted/bulky yarn, chain 14, then 12 double-stitches each row until I ran out of yarn. The crocheter's equivalent of the "cast on and knit every row" garter stitch scarf.

2: I swatched for the crocheted 4-Generation Shawl in the Spring 2007 Spin Off Magazine

3: I finished the 2 mystery novels I got from the library on Saturday. Killing Cousins and Blood Relations, both by Rett MacPherson.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the scarf. If Knit Your Bit is still accepting scarves, I'll send it to them now, if not, I'll just hold on to the scarf until next fall and find someplace then.

Oh, and the annoying but necessary things on the list? Well, I did the laundry, dh finished the taxes and we ate out for dinner.

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