Friday, February 16, 2007

This weekend

I'm driving to Portland Maine for the NETA Spa Weekend. I'm just going up for the day, not the whole weekend. At least not this year. It'll be my first Spa weekend and I'm looking forward to it. Although, by the same token, I'm not exactly sure what to expect. Sit&spin or sit&knit time? yup. Shopping time? yup. I'm planning to try a few more wheels, and maybe get one. Maybe. Talk with friends? yup- if I can find them in the crowds Meet new people? I suppose.

I heard once that to get full benefit of things you need a vertical & horizontal connection. The vertical connection is within yourself. If you're bored silly with whatever, well that's not a good connection. The horizontal connection is between you & other peopel. If there's no connection, there's no connection. If either one is missing, you don't have the full benefit. I heard this initially regarding prayer and the vertical connection is between you & God. Since I don't consider knitting/spinning/etc as a religious/spiritual practice, that's not my 'vertical'

I hope I get/make both a vertical & horizontal connection tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

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