Monday, December 11, 2006

What do I knit next? AKA too many projects, not enough sanity

I feel like I've got a ton of projects to do and I don't know which way to go.

I finished one Endpaper Mitt mitten, and am almost at the thumb of the matching one -I want these finished NOW. It's cold out!

And hubby is asking, almost daily, when his bedsocks (aka Snowflake Socks) will be done. Uh, well, they haven't even been STARTED! At least it's worsted weight yarn, so it won't be too slow. I hope.

And my mom, who's knitting a hat & sweater for the baby in the family (my 2 1/2 yr old nephew also mom's only grandchild) wants to knit mittens too. But she doesn't know how, so because she lives out of state - way out of state, like a 4hr flight worth out of state - I said I'd make the mittens. I don't have yarn in colors that nephew will like (I don't think, I'm not sure what color nephew will like - mom says anything will be fine, and bro (nephew's dad) hasn't answered my questions). Getting them done & there by Christmas is out of the question, but early January is still mitten-wearing weather. So that buys me a little time.

And I have the Swedish Thora sweater I want to finish & wear for myself. I've got a beaded-crochet-rope bracelet in the works, about 2" done, if that much, so another 5-6" to go. And spinning BFL for a lace shawl.

And I'm half-ish done with the Lorna Laces' Hawaii socks - I've got to rip back to the heel on one and keep working on the other one. I'm not sure if I'm going for crew-length (which I like in the cold weather) or sticking with anklets (which I like in warm weather). Oh heck, I've got enough yarn, and the cold weather - these are going crew-length!

On the other hand, I finished 3 preemie hats this weekend (well, 2, because one was done a few weeks ago, but I did finish off the ends this weekend, so 3 were finished this weekend. Even though only 2 were started. Uh, yeah, right, anyway....)

And hopefully our new computer will be hooked up soon and that it'll be compatible with the new cell phone. The pictures may not be the greatest, but if it works, it'll be picture-time here!

phew! It doesn't seem quite so bad seeing it written out, but still, it seems like a lot.

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